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Charged With Assault & Battery For Self-Defense

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Did a physical altercation at a club lead to you getting arrested and charged with assault and battery? If you do not contest that you committed the offense, it does not mean that you are actually guilty as charged. For instance, if you were attacked by the other party before having to defend yourself, it is not fair for criminal charges to be placed against you. Unfortunately, defending yourself might not be as easy as it seems, which might lead to being unfairly sentenced in court. Proving self-defense when charged with assault and battery should be done with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

The Other Party Will Have Legal Representation

Whether you decide to hire a lawyer or not, you can rest assured that the other party is likely to hire a lawyer. You can be appointed a lawyer to defend you in court, but the ability to hire your own should not be taken lightly. The reason is that choosing your own lawyer increases the chance of more attention being placed on your case. A public defender usually has less time on their hands to put towards a specific client. A private lawyer can put more time into preparing for what the other party and their legal counsel might shine a light on in court.

Strategy Must Be Used When Building a Defense

A lawyer knows how to strategize when building a case that involves an assault and battery charge. They know that the other party might have witnesses and other evidence that might make you look guilty. For example, the other party might have the testimony of other people who were at the club at the time of the altercation. A lawyer knows that even a witness can fabricate the truth, so they will thoroughly investigate in preparation for such witnesses. They will find witnesses for your defense, as well as review video surveillance if the club has cameras installed.

Do Not Be Pressured into Taking a Plea Deal

A plea deal can look tempting when your back is against the wall, especially if you are afraid of being sentenced to jail. Although it is not always a bad thing to take a plea deal, you do not want to accept a deal that you do not deserve. For example, pleading guilty to assault and battery to spend less time in jail than you may have without the plea deal can ruin your criminal record. A lawyer will provide advice on whether you should take a plea deal, or if the deal should be denied because you have solid evidence.

For help with your case, contact a battery attorney in your area.