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2 Important Strategies A Drunk Driving Lawyer Can Use For DUI Cases

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A DUI conviction can have an adverse effect on an individual's life. The penalties for these offenses vary from state to state, but all states bear one commonality. Multiple convictions result in harsher punishments. Some drivers assume that they can drive based on how they feel. They may have a high tolerance or have consumed what they view as a couple of harmless drinks. However, if their alcohol tests show that they were above the limit, a DUI charge is likely.

Some individuals refuse breath tests and field sobriety tests. This could be a wise decision when it is time for court proceedings. It is important to keep in mind that some states issue an automatic license suspension for refusing tests. Some DUI charges do not result in convictions. The following points highlight a few potential outcomes individuals can expect from pending DUI charges.

Plea Bargains

A drunk driving lawyer can assist individuals with potential plea bargains. It is important to note that some prosecutors are unwilling to consider these types of negotiations. Certain cases may not fit the profile for consideration. Plea bargains are a good option to avoid a trial. They may reduce or eliminate stipulations such as jail time. It is also possible for a plea bargain to result in a defendant pleading guilty to a lesser charge such as reckless driving.

Individuals should not blindly accept any proposed plea bargains without legal counsel. It is possible for prosecutors to extend these to individuals when they know that they have a weak case, which is something a drunk driving lawyer could identify The lawyer could also file motions to dismiss due to issues with the strength of the charges.

Motions to Suppress

A drunk driving lawyer can file a series of motions to suppress evidence. The presiding judge would make the ruling on whether to suppress evidence. When motions are filed, the prosecutors have the option to challenge them. This is why some motions go through and others do not. The goal of filing motions is to eliminate as much of the state's evidence as possible. It can weaken their case. If the case goes to trial, the suppressed evidence will not be heard by the jury, which could result in an acquittal or not guilty on some of the charges.

A drunk driving lawyer is a good resource to use to learn more about DUI laws. They can also review cases and give individuals an idea of what potential outcomes for their cases may be. It is possible for DUI cases to get dismissed for issues such as officer misconduct, uncalibrated equipment, or unlawful traffic stops. 

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