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Got Money? How You Can BUY Your Way Into The U.S.

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While fishing around for ways that will allow you to stay in the U.S. legally, you might be surprised to hear about the EB-5 law. Otherwise known as the "Employment-Based Fifth Preference Visa," this law allows foreign nationals to buy their way into the U.S.. If you got money, you can buy your citizenship! Here is how it works.

Step One

Fly to the United States from your home country. While you are here, work with a lawyer in immigration law. Request to file an EB-5 document for a Visa, which leads to a green card and citizenship.

Step Two

Invest $500,000 (or more) in any well-established American company. It cannot be a "shell" corporation, otherwise defined as a company with a taxpayer ID and no employees and which is just a fraudulent front for criminal activity. If you invest in a shell company, you will need a criminal attorney as well, since the criminal attorney will have to defend you and rescue you from immediate deportation. 

If you are not sure that a company is real, consult with BOTH the immigration lawyer and the criminal attorney to verify that the company you have chosen is legitimate. That way, if the lawyers tell you to invest in a fake company, it is not your fault. However, most (if not all!) immigration and criminal attorneys know what corporations and businesses are real, and can advise you where to deposit your money for a solid investment. Besides, if you are wealthy enough to make this kind of investment, you may already be aware of some companies in which to invest, but it still helps to have legal help verify the legitimacy of these companies.

Step Three

Take your receipt for your investment back to the immigration lawyer. He or she will need it for your file and your EB-5 application. The next thing you need to do is to hire at least ten people and provide them with full-time work. You will pay them for the work that they do, so consider how you might encourage economic growth within the U.S. and reduce the unemployment rate at the same time.

Government officials love the drop in unemployment rates and the large sums of money foreign investors drop so that foreign investors can live in the U.S. It is a "kill two birds with one stone" play that is very effective. Maybe you can buy a house and hire two cooks, a nanny, three groundskeepers, a chauffeur, and three maids to keep your new American mansion clean. Believe it or not, domestic help counts toward your EB-5 application, so long as you have hired and continue to pay ten individuals to work for you.

Step Four

Collect and take at least six months' of payroll information on your ten or more employees to your immigration lawyer. This is the second to last step before the paperwork is filed for your visa and green card. The lawyer will add the documentation to your file and your application, and then file the application as a whole. It may take some time to receive an acceptance on your application and then get the Visa. Plan ahead by either leaving and coming back to the U.S., or applying for a regular visa to stay as a guest for a few more months.

Step Five

Continue to pay your ten-plus employees regularly for their work. Keep your personal records absolutely free of crime. (This includes petty theft, such as taking a pen from a store, to more violent crimes, such as rape and murder.) If you are arrested, notify your immigration attorney and request a criminal defense attorney immediately. Otherwise you may be deported. Finally, when you receive your EB-5 visa, follow the instructions given to turn it into permanent U.S. citizenship.

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