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Push Your Anger Management Classes As A Form Of Sentence After An Assault Charge

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After you've been charged with assault, one of your attorney's first priorities will be to get the charges dropped. If the evidence against you is overwhelming and you're looking to avoid going to trial, pleading guilty — perhaps against a lesser charge than assault — can be a good idea. In this scenario, talk to an attorney, such as Matt Chapel, Trial Lawyer, about what types of criminal sentencing you'd accept. If you're a first-time offender, you may wish to push for anger management classes. Many judges will agree to send assault offenders to such classes, and completing them successfully may lead to the reduction of further charges in some cases. Here are three reasons that anger management classes are a good choice.

The Classes Are Better Than Jail

It's a simple fact that attending anger management classes is better than being sentenced to a jail term. Even for a first-time offender, jail may be a reality, and this is an experience that you don't want. Perhaps you're not keen on the idea of sitting in a classroom-style setting and talking about what things make you angry. However, you should never forget that this punitive measure is far better than going to jail, largely because you get to go home after the class and don't sacrifice any of your freedom.

Attending Shows Contrition

It's important to show your judge that you possess contrition about the situation in which you find yourself. You might not be able to undo the fact that you assaulted someone, but demonstrating remorse can be an effective strategy in court. When your attorney suggests to the court that you wish to attend anger management classes and asks the judge to consider this form of punishment, it conveys a message of contrition. The judge may accept that you're truly sorry what has happened and may feel as though the lighter sentence of attending these classes will be appropriate.

Prevention Of Future Incidents

If you legitimately have a problem with your anger, you have to realize that it could get you in trouble in the future. Your temper may have been a contributing factor to this current situation, and future charges of assault may be difficult to get dropped — and you may end up looking at jail time. Attending anger management classes can actually help you as a person. You'll be less angry and learn better coping strategies to safely deal with your temper without lashing out.